Lost My Job

2009-04-21 15:36:30 by rednec0

This past Sunday someone had initially called out "sick" (when the majority of us knew she wasn't) and we were packed as the summertime residents gathered what they needed. Because of that I wasn't in a good mood and didn't check my mouth when someone was having problems with their food stamps and made a snide remark on how they were holding-up the line. In the end my boss told me that I couldn't work there anymore so now I'm out of a job. Hopefully I can get one at a computer shop, but it feels very unlikely as it is right now.


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2009-04-21 15:53:14

Food Stamps?

rednec0 responds:

I should've clarified that a bit. She had used her debit card first before using her foodstamp card.