(OLD) XML Core Services 4.0

2009-09-27 11:23:34 by rednec0

In case anyone is having problems on their Windows XP machine with this recent update (as of the post date) there is a fix for it. I'd suggest following the link here, but for those who so happen to be too lazy and not click it I'll post the fix instructions here:
1) Open Command Prompt
2) Type the following and press enter: ren %windir%\System32\msxml4.dll msxml4.old
NOTE: You may get an error saying "Cannot find the file specified", just ignore it and proceed.
3) Type EXIT and press enter (or just hit the X button, whichever you want to do)
4) Visit the Microsoft Windows Update site and install the fix there.
I know it involves fiddling with something in your System32 folder, but it is 100% safe. At least you won't get prompted to install it repeatedly.

Water Heater Bursts

2009-05-19 02:35:17 by rednec0

Just more bad luck had to hit us early this morning. When I went into the bathroom there was water pouring all over the place. When I opened the cabinet under the sink (the source of the sound etc) the hot water heater had busted open. So now the next day or so will be spent cleaning-up and replacing the damn thing while all the while having no water in the house.

Lost My Job

2009-04-21 15:36:30 by rednec0

This past Sunday someone had initially called out "sick" (when the majority of us knew she wasn't) and we were packed as the summertime residents gathered what they needed. Because of that I wasn't in a good mood and didn't check my mouth when someone was having problems with their food stamps and made a snide remark on how they were holding-up the line. In the end my boss told me that I couldn't work there anymore so now I'm out of a job. Hopefully I can get one at a computer shop, but it feels very unlikely as it is right now.

so tell me

2008-04-07 22:59:02 by rednec0

should i make a sig out of her? the original can be found here. yes she's my character i invented

so tell me

great update and all Tom, but...

2007-07-17 23:55:11 by rednec0

i lost my friggin sig. now i gotta make a brand new one and all and i'm not in the friggin mood to do sprite editing or whatever all over again. part of the reason has to do with losing everything almost 7 months ago. Tom, i wish you could have kept most of our original forum crap in the beginning, but now it seems i can't do much about it since its all gone.